Askar 120APO Special Flattener


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Askar 120APO Special Flattener

Introducing the Askar Full-Frame 1.0x Flattener for 120APO Telescopes, designed to maintain the original focal ratio of F/7 when connected to the Askar 120APO. This flattener excels in correcting field curvature and coma, delivering sharper images with flatter field edges and more defined star points.

Featuring a triplet optical design, it supports a 44mm full-frame image circle, ideal for extensive astrophotography captures. The device offers a standard back focus distance of 55mm from the M48 thread and includes an M84x1 front thread.

For versatile camera connections, it comes equipped with M540.75 and M480.75 adapters at the camera end. It also features a built-in M48*0.75 2-inch filter thread, allowing for the direct installation and use of 2" filters. Threaded metal caps are included to keep dust out when the flattener is not in use.

Lightweight at just 0.75kg, this flattener is easy to handle and install, making it an excellent addition to your astrophotography gear.

Product introduction


The 1x flattener does not change the telescope's focal ratio itself. After connecting with the Askar 120APO, it still maintained a focal ratio of 7. The flattener corrects field curvature and coma, resulting in flatter field edges and finer star points.

The 1.0x flattener adopts a triplet design and supports a 44mm full-frame image circle. The overall weight is 0.75kg. The back focus from the M48 thread is a standard 55mm. The front thread is M84*1. At the camera end, it is equipped with M54*0.75 and M48*0.75 two sizes of adapters, which are convenient for connection. At the same time, it has a built-in M48*0.75 2-inch filter thread, which can be directly installed and used. The overall CNC machined, both end threaded metal caps prevent ash when not in use.


1x Flattener Parameter

(After attaching)120APO Focal length


(After attaching)120APO Focal ratio


Lens Number

Triplet design

Back Focus

55mm(from the base of M48 male thread)



Rear-end thread type

M54×0.75-M48×0.75(M48×0.75 filter thread inside)

1x Flattener Size Diagram

1x Flattener Installation

Spot Diagram

Askar 120APO Special Flattener