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WandererAstro Telescope Motorised Lens Cover


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Discover the Wanderer Eclipse: Super Lightweight Motorized Lens Cap

Protect Your Telescope with Advanced Technology

Worried about dust or cobwebs damaging your telescope? The Wanderer Eclipse offers a revolutionary solution with its motorized dust cover. Crafted to provide the ultimate protection, it keeps your telescope clean and ready for your next stargazing adventure.

Unparalleled Design and Workmanship

  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Alloy Body: Offers a robust framework that guarantees durability.
  • Carbon Fiber Lens Cap: Combines lightweight properties with high strength, providing superior protection.
  • 270-Degree Opening Capability: Ensures full accessibility, making it easy to manage without the need to remove the entire unit.
  • Smart Obstacle Detection: Automatically stops at any position upon encountering obstacles, enhancing safety and usability.

User-Friendly Installation

  • M3 Threaded Holes: Located on the bottom for secure attachment using a customized bracket, specifically designed for truss telescopes.
  • Size Versatility: Available in diameters ranging from 110mm to 425mm, making it suitable for camera lenses up to 14" telescopes.

Compatibility and Control

  • ASCOM Compatible: Ensures it can be integrated smoothly with numerous astronomy software solutions.
  • INDI Compatible: Offers flexibility for users preferring open-source platforms.

Wanderer Empire Gallery

Explore our gallery to see the Wanderer Eclipse in action, showcasing its sleek design and functionality in various setups.

Detailed Specifications

Learn more about the detailed specifications of the Wanderer Eclipse to understand how it can meet your astronomical needs.

What’s Included

Each Wanderer Eclipse comes with all necessary components for immediate setup and use, ensuring you have everything needed to protect your telescope effectively.

Unparalleled design and workmanship:
Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body
Carbon fiber lens cap
Can be opened at 270 degrees
Automatically stops when encountering obstacles at any position
Easy to use!

M3 threaded holes on the bottom
Convenient for installing on a truss telescope with a customized bracket

Available in diameter from 110mm to 425mm Ideal for use from camera lenses to 14" telescopes

ASCOM compatible
INDI compatible
Wanderer Empire

What's included

WandererAstro Telescope Motorised Lens Cover