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Wanderer Astro

Dark Clear Skies introduces the Wanderer Rotator Lite V2

Dark Clear Skies introduces the Wanderer Rotator Lite V2


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Large aperture

Dark Clear Skies is excited to present the Wanderer Rotator Lite V2, a significant upgrade in astronomical rotators. This model boasts a new, more recognizable family-style design and a higher torque motor, reducing stalling issues seen in previous models. The Lite V2 maintains a high payload capacity of 5kg, a rapid rotation rate of 3.5 degrees per second, and a large M68 aperture, accommodating most flatteners. Weighing only 550 grams and just 12mm thick, it's perfect for altazimuth and Dobson telescope users. Its unique magnetic structure ensures zero flexure, matching the rigidity of an adapter ring at any angle​

A new motor with higher torque is adopted, which avoids stalling compared with the old model
Also , WandererRotator Lite V2 inherits many advantages of previous generation rotator

High payload

Maximum payload of 5kg*

*Measured when center of gravity of the equipment is 15cm away from the rotator.

High rotating rate

3.5 degrees per second


only 550 grams
Ultra low profile

Only 12mm

For users of altazimuth and Dobs
ASCOM compatible


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