FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge


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  • Tangential Arm with Dual Camera/Telescope Mounting Options: Choose between "Off-axis" or "On-axis" configurations. Easily attach it to a video head or photo head with a 3/8" photo thread compatibility. Alternatively, use it with the optional lightweight Fornax-10 equatorial wedge for added stability.
  • Motorblock with UrsaMinor Control: Find the motorblock with UrsaMinor control discreetly located under the silver box. For those who already possess an FS2 controller and don't require the UrsaMinor control box, please get in touch with us.
  • Adjustable Equatorial Wedge: Customize your setup with an equatorial wedge that can be adjusted from 0 to 70 degrees. Look for the black component labeled "Fornax 10" in the top-right image.
  • Polarscope Adapter: This adapter accommodates Synta-made EQ3 polarscopes (polarscope available separately).


  • Fornax Ballhead (Optional): Crafted from Perunal, an Al.Zn.Mg.Cu alloy known for its lightweight properties with steel-like strength. Suitable for use with the Fornax 10 mount in both "Off-axis" and "On-axis" configurations. The Fornax 10 mount performs exceptionally well in the "On-axis" position when handling slightly heavier equipment, making the Fornax Ballhead a recommended addition.
  • Tripod (Optional): Compatible with Vixen-GP, EQ3, EQ5, NEQ5, HEQ5 mounts with M10 thread, or a standard photo tripod with a 3/8" photo thread. This tripod allows you to achieve stable and versatile support for your Fornax 10 mount.

The compact size and lightweight design of the Fornax 10 make it conveniently portable, fitting into your backpack for your next astronomy adventure, including air travel.

FORNAX 10 LighTrack Mobile Tracking SET with Wedge