Lunt LS60MT/B600R&P Multipurpose Telescope for Solar and Night Sky Observation


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Explore the Universe with the Lunt LS60MT/B600R&P Multipurpose Telescope

The Lunt LS60MT/B600R&P Multipurpose Telescope is an exceptional tool designed for both solar and astronomical exploration. Its versatile design allows you to seamlessly switch between daytime solar observations and night sky viewing, making it perfect for both amateur and professional astronomers.

Key Features

  • Dual-Purpose Functionality: Easily transitions between solar and night sky observations.
  • Precision Optics: Features a 70mm aperture for night skies and a 60mm aperture for solar viewing.
  • Advanced Focusing: Equipped with a Rack & Pinion focuser with 10:1 reduction for precise focusing.

Solar Observation Excellence

The LS60MT/B600 includes an internal Etalon filter, achieving a bandwidth of less than 0.7 Angstrom. The innovative Pressure-Tuner system allows for fine adjustments to the H-alpha line, ensuring clear and detailed solar images.

Night Sky Versatility

Switch to night sky observation by removing the H-alpha Etalon system. The telescope provides exceptional image quality with its 70mm aperture and 420mm focal length ED Doublet lens.

Compact and Travel-Friendly

With its lightweight design, the LS60MT is perfect for travel and provides a flexible solution for both solar and night sky enthusiasts.

Order now and experience the universe with unmatched clarity and detail.

Lunt LS60MT/B600R&P Multipurpose Telescope for Solar and Night Sky Observation