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Retekess T130S T131S Wireless Guide System

Retekess T130S T131S Wireless Guide System


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The Retekess T130S T131S Wireless Guide System for Receptions, Conferences and Tours with Charging Case is a comprehensive solution for wireless communication. 

The crystal clear sound with no noise and adjustable volume allows for communication between speakers wearing transmitters and listeners wearing receivers within 100 meters of each other. This gives visitors more room to move around without having to crowd around the speaker. The device also has a long working time, with a full charge allowing for 20 hours of continuous use.

The wireless tour guide audio system not only supports mic input, but it also has a special AUX jack for connecting external audio devices such as cell phones, computers, mp3s, radios, etc. You can play music or any voice files for your listeners through this function. Additionally, the one-touch mute transmitter allows the speaker to temporarily cut off the sound transmission.

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