Retevis RB628 - Compact and Efficient Walkie Talkie for Business and Outdoor Use


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The Retevis RB628 is a versatile two-way radio designed for both business and outdoor activities. With a sleek black design, it fits well in professional settings. Its simple operation, featuring just five buttons, makes it user-friendly and efficient for quick communication. This model is particularly advantageous for its license-free usage, allowing immediate operation upon purchase. It's also budget-friendly, making it an attractive option for companies mindful of communication costs.

For outdoor use, the Retevis RB628 shines with its convenient features. It offers a weather forecast alarm tone, vital for outdoor workers or enthusiasts. The device is equipped with a Type-C charging interface, allowing for easy charging with a standard smartphone charger. It also features a VOX hand-free function with adjustable sensitivity, suitable for various outdoor environments. The RB628 boasts a long-distance calling capability, covering approximately 2.2 km on high power and 1.7 km on low power, making it reliable for expansive outdoor use.

Retevis RB628 



  1. Time out timer(TOT)
  2. VOX feature
  3. Busy Channel Lockout
  4. Keyboard Lock (Auto/Manual)
  5. Squelch level(0-9 grades)
  6. Auto power saving function
  7. Audio 
  8. Monitor function
  9. CTCSS/DCS Encode/Decode
  10. Low power indication/alarm
  11. Scan function
  12. Call ringtone (10 group)
  13. 2-pin Kenwood accessory port


  1. Frequency Range: 446.00625~446.19375MHz (RX & TX)
  2. Memory Channel: 16 CH
  3. Operation Voltage: DC3.7V ±10%
  4. Battery Capacity: 1500mAh (li-ion)
  5. Step frequency: 5KHz
  6. Working time (5:5:9): 12 Hours
  7. Antenna Impedance: 50ohm
  8. Item Dimensions: 105*52*21 mm
  9. Weight: body 82.7g battery 38.3g total 128g (include battery, belt clip)

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RB28 License-free  Two Way RadioRB28 NOAATwo Way Radio

1500mAh li-ion battery can last whole day use once be fully charged; low battery alert function helps you keep the walkie talkies always in power

1500mAh li-ion battery

Designed with VOX hands free, supports PTT push to talk and voice activation talking


With 1.28 inch screen and Type-c charging cable (1 on 2)

Type-c charging cable

Retevis RB628 - Compact and Efficient Walkie Talkie for Business and Outdoor Use