Svbony Colour Correction Filter


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SV231 1.25/2 inch Color Correction Filter

The colour correction filter completely blocks unfocused light in the red part of the spectrum (IR) and suppresses over 50% of the interfering stray light in the blue spectral range. This enhancement does not alter the color impression of the image, allowing the finest details of lunar craters and planetary surfaces to be observed with significantly higher contrast.

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Correct Chromatic Aberration

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Block Light Pollution and Reduce Noise

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OD  Optical Density > 4


UV and IR Cut

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AR Coating

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Plasma Coating

Plasma-enhanced dielectric coatings result in hard, scratch-resistant and waterproof filters. 

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Double-sided Thread Design


Focus Photography of Digital Camera



Use With SV503 ED Telescope

It can be used well before the focal point of the optical system, without any loss of sharpness, as a single filter in front of a binocular for a focal projection with digital cameras.


Use With SV48P Telescope


Various Application Scenarios

The smaller details on craters of the Moon and planetary surfaces are so much more visible. The NIR is fully blocked up to 1150nm. Details on planets are shown much clearer when using CCD/CMOS-cameras.

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Svbony Colour Correction Filter