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Vaonis Stellina Daytime Solar Filter – Sunspot Observation Accessory

Vaonis Stellina Daytime Solar Filter – Sunspot Observation Accessory


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Transform your celestial observation experience with the Vaonis Stellina Solar Filter. Designed for the dedicated astronomer, this filter enables safe, daytime observation of the sun, revealing the dynamic nature of solar activity through visible sunspots. With the Stellina Solar Filter, unlock the ability to monitor and photograph the ever-changing surface of our closest star directly from your smartphone using the Singularity mobile app.

Experience the thrill of solar astronomy with the peace of mind that your observations are safe for both your eyes and equipment. The solar filter is crafted with a specialized metalized foil that significantly dims sunlight, protecting your instrument while providing crystal-clear, real-time visuals. The Solar Pointing mode in the Singularity app guides you step-by-step for a smooth and secure solar viewing experience.

Capture the sun’s mood swings through vivid images of sunspots, charting their life cycle over days or weeks. While Stellina facilitates stunning real-time observations, remember to never point your station toward the sun without this essential filter. It's not just an accessory; it's your gateway to exploring solar phenomena in complete safety.

Dive deeper into solar observation techniques and safety with our informative blog article on 'Observing the solar activity with Stellina.

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