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Vaonis Tripod Easy Lock Plate – Quick-Release Astronomy Accessory

Vaonis Tripod Easy Lock Plate – Quick-Release Astronomy Accessory


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The Easy Lock plate is a tripod accessory compatible with Stellina and Vespera that facilitates the installation and uninstallation of your station on its tripod. Thanks to its quick-mounting technology, save time and freedom of movement to focus on the essentials: observing and photographing the sky.

Permanent fixing of the plate on your station and its tripod. Save time when setting up your instrument. 360° rotation for uninterrupted star tracking. Robust design to resist over time. Compatible with Gitzo short and long tripods from Stellina station and standard and adjustable tripods from Vespera.

Designed in collaboration with Vitec-Manfrotto, a brand recognized worldwide in the world of photography and audiovisual. Description The Easy Lock tripod plate is equipped with a quick-release system that will make the installation of your instruments easier on their tripod. Install and remove Stellina and Vespera from their tripod effortlessly in just seconds thanks to the intuitive twist-lock mechanism.

This X LOCK technology, developed by the manufacturer Vitec-Manfrotto, a photography specialist with whom Vaonis collaborates, offers rigidity at the mounting point, for maximum fluidity during your observation evenings. At the core of this revolutionary system is a set composed of: a 60 mm diameter flat base, equipped with a standard 3/8″ female thread, to be installed on Gitzo tripods or standard and adjustable Vespera tripods. a plate, equipped with a standard 1/4” and 3/8” top attachment screw to connect to the Stellina and Vespera stations. It also features an anti-rotation pin to guarantee permanent fixing security, and a 1/4” adapter seat. Flat base (left) and plate (right) of the Easy Lock tripod accessory. 360° rotation twist release Easily set up your observation station with the X LOCK system, an intuitive twist-lock mechanism. Simply twist the ring in the UnLock direction to unlock and remove your instrument in just seconds. Lightweight, yet robust The plate is made in Italy, in anodized aluminum offering lightness and maneuverability. Weighing only 220 g, it can support up to 20 kg of load. Its robust design allows it to withstand time and many uses. Universal compatibility The Easy Lock plate is designed for the short and long Gitzo tripods of the Stellina station as well as the standard and adjustable tripods of Vespera. The standard screw pitch is 3/8″. A 1/4″ adapter is also provided to ensure compatibility with almost all photo equipment size.

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