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Vaonis Vespera Solar Filter – Daytime Sunspot Observation Accessory

Vaonis Vespera Solar Filter – Daytime Sunspot Observation Accessory


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Step into the world of solar astronomy with the Vaonis Vespera Solar Filter. This innovative accessory allows you to safely observe and photograph the sun, unveiling the dynamic nature of our closest star. Designed for use with the Vespera observation station, this solar filter enables you to observe sunspots – the dark spots on the sun that indicate solar activity.

The Vespera Solar Filter works seamlessly with the Solar Mode in the Singularity mobile app, offering a real-time viewing experience. Capture stunning, detailed photos of the sun at different times to track the evolving solar landscape. Whether you're observing the gradual shift of sunspots over days or weeks, this filter allows you to document these changes with ease and safety.

Constructed with a metalized foil, the filter reduces light intensity, ensuring that your observations are safe for both your eyes and the telescope. The guided process through the Solar Mode of the Vaonis Singularity app ensures smooth operation and safety of the equipment.

Ideal for both amateur astronomers and educational purposes, the Vaonis Vespera Solar Filter opens up a new realm of daytime astronomy, making it possible to explore the sun from your own backyard.

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