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Elevate Your Astrophotography with Deep Sky Dad's Premium Flat Panels

Available Exclusively at Dark Clear Skies

Overview: Deep Sky Dad is renowned for enhancing the astrophotography experience. Our range of meticulously crafted flat panels is specifically designed to address common challenges in astrophotography, such as vignetting and dust mites. Say goodbye to makeshift solutions and embrace simplicity and efficiency with our innovative products.

Our Flat Panel Selection:

  1. Motorized Flat Panels: Tailored for telescopes up to 130mm in diameter, these user-friendly panels offer automated control for opening/closing and brightness adjustments via ASCOM/Indi. Plus, they come with an optional integrated dew heater to ensure optimal performance in various conditions.

  2. Wall-Mounted Flat Panels: Perfect for larger telescopes, these panels are customizable in size to suit your unique requirements. They feature advanced brightness control via ASCOM/Indi, enabling precise light adjustments for your astrophotography sessions.

  3. Lens Flat Panels: Our manual flat panels are specially designed for camera lenses. Versatile and adjustable for different diameters, they offer controlled brightness via ASCOM/Indi, making them compatible with a broad spectrum of photography equipment.

Leading-Edge LED Technology: Deep Sky Dad's flat panels leverage state-of-the-art LED technology for unparalleled uniformity and an extensive brightness range. This includes ultra-dim settings, ideal for long exposures, to ensure your astrophotography captures are crisp and clear.

Discover the difference with Deep Sky Dad's Flat Panels, exclusively available at Dark Clear Skies – where astrophotography meets innovation and convenience.

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