Collection: Astronomik CLS CCD Filters for Astrophotography

Unlock the True Colors of the Night Sky with Astronomik CLS CCD Filters - Enhance Your Astrophotography with Superior Light Pollution Suppression

If you're an astrophotography enthusiast, the Astronomik CLS CCD Filters are an essential addition to your equipment. These premium filters are designed to minimize light pollution and enhance the contrast of celestial objects in your images. Whether you're capturing the majesty of the Milky Way or the beauty of distant galaxies, these filters will help you create stunning and detailed images.

Why Choose Astronomik CLS CCD Filters for Your Astrophotography?

Astronomik CLS CCD Filters are crafted from the highest-quality materials and are designed to deliver optimal performance. They offer exceptional transmission properties, with a 98% transmission rate for H-alpha and H-beta wavelengths. They are also coated with an advanced multi-layer coating that resists scratches and maintains the filter's clarity over time.