Collection: Optolong CLS Filters for Astrophotography | Dark Clear Skies

Optolong CLS Filters: Perfect for Astrophotography

Optolong CLS filters are a must-have for astrophotography enthusiasts looking to capture stunning images of deep-sky objects. These filters effectively block light pollution and skyglow caused by mercury and sodium-vapor lamps, improving contrast and color balance for a clear and vivid image.

Optolong CLS filters are made of high-quality Schott glass with a 2mm thickness, ensuring durability and longevity. The multi-layer anti-reflection coating enhances light transmission, improving the overall performance of the filter.

With Optolong CLS filters, astrophotography enthusiasts can capture breathtaking images of the night sky, even from light-polluted areas. These filters are compatible with various camera models and can be used for both imaging and visual observation.

What are Optolong CLS Filters?

Optolong CLS Filters are designed to improve astrophotography by blocking specific wavelengths of light pollution and skyglow. These filters are perfect for capturing deep-sky objects from light-polluted areas, providing a clear and vivid image with natural color.

Features of Optolong CLS Filters

  • Multi-layer anti-reflection coating for improved transmission
  • Made of high-quality Schott glass with a 2mm thickness
  • Blocks light pollution from mercury and sodium-vapor lamps
  • Improves contrast and color balance for astrophotography