Collection: Deep Sky Dad EAF Mounting Kit

Deep Sky Dad's EAF (Electronic Automatic Focuser) Mounting Kits are designed to enhance the astrophotography experience by simplifying the focusing process. Here's a summary of their offerings, based on the available information:

  1. WO RedCat ZWO EAF Dovetail Kit: This kit is tailored for the William Optics RedCat telescope, an alternative to widefield lens shooting with a 250mm focal length. The kit includes an AF3 auto focuser dovetail, which significantly eases the focusing process, especially beneficial when using narrowband filters where focusing can be time-consuming​.

  2. WO RedCat 71 ZWO EAF Dovetail Kit: Specifically designed for the William Optics RedCat 71 telescope, this kit suits a medium focal length refractor with a 350mm focal length. The helical focuser in this model helps prevent sagging and inconsistent tilting, which are common issues with standard rack and pinion focusers​.

  3. EAF WO RedCat Kit: This kit includes an aluminium extension block that raises the telescope to fit the EAF motor snugly between the telescope and the dovetail. This results in a balanced and compact solution, compatible with other accessories such as the William Optics guide scope plate that comes with the SpaceCat. The kit is compatible with 110 and 210 models, offering versatility for different telescope setups​.

  4. Askar FMA230 ZWO EAF Kit: Designed for the ASKAR FMA230, a Triplet air-spaced APO refractor, this kit includes two pieces of ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, providing excellent correction of chromatic aberration. It's an ideal choice for Astro photographers seeking high-quality focusing for their refractor telescopes​.

  5. WO RedCat II (v2) ZWO ASIAIR + EAF Kit: This kit is compatible with the William Optics RedCat V2 telescope, another alternative for widefield lens shooting with a 250mm focal length. This kit integrates with the ZWO ASIAIR system, offering a comprehensive solution for advanced astrophotography setups​.

These kits from Deep Sky Dad offer a range of options for different types of telescopes and requirements, emphasizing ease of use, precision, and compatibility with existing setups. They are suitable for both amateur and professional Astro photographers looking to improve their focusing process and overall astrophotography experience.