Collection: Optolong L-ULTIMATE Dual-Band Filters for Astrophotography

Welcome to our collection featuring the Optolong 3nm Dual-Band L-Ultimate Light Pollution Filter! Priced at £389, this filter is a must-have for astrophotography enthusiasts looking to enhance their imaging experience. With its advanced features and exceptional performance, it's a valuable addition to your camera equipment.

The Optolong L-Ultimate Filter is specifically designed to tackle light pollution and optimize your astrophotography results. It allows only the H-alpha (656.3nm) and Oxygen III (500.7nm) emission lines to pass through, effectively eliminating other light pollution emission lines. By selectively capturing the emission and reflection signals of nebulae while darkening the sky background, this filter significantly enhances the contrast and signal-to-noise ratio of your images. Even in heavily light-polluted areas, the L-Ultimate Filter can filter out unwanted light pollution and clutter signals, ensuring your astrophotography remains unaffected.

Unlike the previous L-eNhance and L-eXtreme filters, the L-Ultimate Filter features a dual-3nm bandwidth design that specifically transmits Ha and OIII emission lines. This unique configuration delivers a darker sky background, increased image contrast, and effective star suppression. Additionally, the L-Ultimate Filter has undergone extensive optimization to minimize halo artifacts when photographing bright star objects, providing you with clear and high-quality images.

The Optolong L-Ultimate Filter is suitable for use with a wide range of cameras, including DSLRs, color/MONO CMOS, and CCD astronomy cameras. It can be paired with telescopes that have an f-ratio of f/4 or slower, making it versatile for various imaging setups.

Please note that Optolong filters are not intended for observing or photographing the Sun. Using Optolong filters for such purposes can cause permanent eye damage.

Key Features:

  • High transmission of H-Alpha and Oxygen III emission lines (average 90% or higher)
  • Narrow bandwidth of 3nm for Ha and OIII
  • Compatible with color DSLR, CMOS, and CCD cameras
  • 2" Mounted Filters for convenient use
  • Excellent blocking range of 300-1000nm (>OD4)
  • Comes in a protective plastic case with EVA foam lining
  • Features B270 1.85mm Thick Glass, fine-optically polished on both sides for accurate wavefront and parallelism
  • Ultrasonic wave cleaned substrate with purified water for effective removal of impurities and dust
  • Ion source assisted coating ensures durability, resistance to scratching, and stability of CWL (central wavelength) despite temperature changes
  • Undergoes stringent quality testing with spectrophotometers and laser interferometers

The Optolong L-Ultimate Filter with its dual-band design effectively reduces light pollution, maximizes nebulae emissions, and darkens the sky background. It also blocks unwanted artificial and natural light sources, allowing you to capture the main emission lines of the nebulae in OIII and H-alpha.

Invest in the Optolong 3nm Dual-Band L-Ultimate Light Pollution Filter today and take your astrophotography to new heights!