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Sharpstar 1.0x Flattener for 61EDPH III

Sharpstar 1.0x Flattener for 61EDPH III


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Sharpstar Full-Frame Flattener for 61EDPH-III

This field flattener for the Sharpstar 61EDPH-III provides a flatter field for astrophotography, minimizing aberrations and haloing in images. Supporting full-frame camera sensors, this field flattener is a great compliment to an astrophotography setup based on the 61EDPH-III.

On the technical side, one end of the flattener connects to the focuser of the 61EDPH-III with M68x1 threads. The other end has M48x0.75 threads and also features a built-in 2" filter thread. The back focus is the standard 55 mm.

This field flattener is constructed in a 3-element, air-spaced triplet configuration and features excellent peripheral light reduction control. The elements have full surface multi-layer coatings. When used with the 61EDPH-III this flattener improves image quality in the corners of the field and reduces chromatic aberrations.

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