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Player One 100mm Mini Guiding Set


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100mm Mini Guiding Set - Perfect for Guiding Cameras

Explore the Universe with our 100mm Mini Guiding Set

The 100mm Mini Guiding Set is an essential tool for astrophotography enthusiasts. Designed specifically for guiding cameras, this set includes three high-quality metal parts that ensure accurate and stable guiding throughout your imaging sessions. Please note that this guiding set is not suitable for use with planetary cameras due to their larger size.

High-Quality Metal Construction for Precise Guiding

Experience seamless compatibility with a wide range of guiding cameras, allowing you to capture stunning deep-sky images with ease. The sturdy metal construction guarantees durability and reliability, even in challenging conditions. Achieve precise guiding to capture the finer details of celestial objects and explore the wonders of the universe like never before.

Compatible with Various Guiding Cameras

Enhance your astrophotography with our 100mm Mini Guiding Set. Crafted from durable metal, this set ensures accurate and stable guiding for your cameras. Achieve precise guiding for capturing stunning deep-sky images and delve into the beauty of the cosmos. Compatible with various guiding cameras.


Player One 100mm Mini Guiding Set