4K HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System


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SVBONY ST1 Wireless Video Transmission System

The SVBONY ST1 is a 4K HDMI transmitter and receiver with 0.06s latency, 1000ft range, and 8 channels. It supports 4 APP monitoring, 3-way power supply, and 3 scene modes, featuring HDMI loop-out. Ideal for live broadcasts, personal television shooting, and studio film and television production.


  • HD 4K30 Frame Video Quality: Supports up to Full HD 4K@30Hz for higher quality images.
  • Long Transmission Distance, Low Delay: 300m/984ft range with 0.06s low latency for real-time monitoring.
  • OLED Screen: Provides easy access to power status, channel scan results, video input, and channel number.
  • Dual HDMI Interface: Connect two displays simultaneously on the RX via 2 HDMI out ports.
  • One to Many: Supports multiple device connections for multi-screen monitoring.
  • 3 Power Supply Methods: Compatible with NP-F Series batteries, 5V2A Type-C, and 9-14V DC (Battery not included).
  • Channel Bandwidth: 40M for efficient transmission.
  • App Display: Supports both Android and IOS system APP monitoring, up to 4 devices in real-time.
  • Easily Installation: Connect the transmitter and receiver through HDMI ports for easy setup.
  • Working Temperature: 0-50° working temperature for long-term use.
  • Compatible Equipment: Interfaces with multiple devices for versatile usage.
  • Application Scenarios: Suitable for outdoor shooting, live broadcast, sports matches, meetings, mini concerts, weddings, and more.


SVBONY ST1 4K Wireless Video Transmission System



HD 4K30 Frame Video Quality

Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver HD IN and Loop-out resolution supports up to Full HD 4K@30Hz, provide a higher quality image.


Long Transmission Distance, Low Delay

300m/984ft reliable range for wireless video and audio transmission; 0.06s low latency for real-time monitoring that enables.



OLED Screen

The OLED screen provide easy access to the device's power status, channel scan result, video input, channel number, etc.


Dual HDMI Interface

Dual port of HDMI out; you can connect two displays at the same time on the RX via the 2 HDMI out ports; for the director/producer/filmmaker to view the shooting on set.


One to Many


3 Power Supply Methods

ST1 support with a variety of power supplies, you can choose NP-F Series: F970, F750, F550 series batteries; 5V2A Type-C and 9-14V DC, meet the power supply needs encountered when using various scenarios. (Please Note: Battery not included.)



Channel Bandwidth 40M



App Display

ST1 supports both Android and IOS system APP monitoring, up to 4 phones or tablets real-time monitoring with professional monitor features.


Easily Installation

Firstly, connect the transmitter HDMI input port and the camera HDMI port through an HDMI cable. Then, connect the receiver HDMI output port and the monitor HDMI port through an HDMI cable.


Working Temperature

The 0-50°working temperature enables the device working long time as well.


The interfaces are compatible with multiple devices to meet the needs of all parties.


Compatible Equipment

The interfaces are compatible with multiple devices to meet the needs of all parties.


Application Scenarios

This wireless video transmitter and receiver can be mainly used in outdoor shooting; live broadcast; sport match; meeting; mini concerts; wedding ceremony and etc.






 The camera can connect multiple devices and meet the needs of multi-screen monitoring.




4K HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System