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Altair Lightwave 0.6x Focal Reducer | Dark Clear Skies

Altair Lightwave 0.6x Focal Reducer | Dark Clear Skies


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The Lightwave 0.6x focal reducer

This reducer provides a 0.6x reduction in F-Ratio, resulting in faster exposure times and a wider field for astro-photography. It is designed for refractor telescopes with focal ratios of F6 or longer.

  • Reduces and flattens the photographic field
  • 38mm clear aperture
  • Integral T-Ring adapter thread
  • Requires a back-focus of 55mm to the CCD Chip
  • For DSLRs, a standard T-Thread adapter of approximately 10mm thickness is required
  • Fits any 2" format telescope like an eyepiece with its standard 2" OD barrel
  • Threaded base of the 2" OD barrel for 2" filters
  • CNC machined body with a gloss black anodized finish
  • Includes a CNC machined T-threaded end-cap to protect the rear lens element from dust (more exposed than the front element). A plastic dust cap is provided for the 2" OD front barrel.
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