ANTLIA LRGB V-series PRO Astronomy Imaging Filters - 2"


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ANTLIA LRGB V-series PRO Astronomy Imaging Filters - Mounted in 2" Filter Cell (50.8mm)

The Antlia LRGB V series filters are designed for monochrome cameras that use both CCD and CMOS sensors. Suitable sensors include KAF/KAI, Sony, GSENSE and other sensor manufacturers. This filter set is designed to approximately equalize the RGB response from monochrome sensors . The result is that you achieve 1:1:1 equalized RGB exposures with the benefit of simplified post processing and reduced dark frame library.
The LRGB V-series filters highlight both the spectral gap design between green and red filters to minimize effect of light pollution and high transmittance of useful emission lines which means it remains effective for weaker emission lines from galaxies and nebulae. The V-series filters guarantee the high transmission of the OIII band in both the B and G filters (OIII signal >95% in blue and green).
The bandwidth of the B channel is narrowed for the purpose of effectively improving the blue overflow around the star due to B channel overexposure when RGB is synthesized.
The Antlia V-series filters block the emission line around 589nm, which suppresses much of the light pollution from high pressure sodium and mercury street lamps and results in a more natural color balance. The uniformity in substrate thickness delivers good parfocal performance across all of its narrowband filters.

Application and Performance:

  • Designed for monochrome CCD and CMOS cameras;
  • Great imaging colors for celestial objects, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae;
  • Transmittance rate>95%, high optical throughput;
  • 2 sides AR coating, significant reflection and star halo reduction;
  • RGB color combine 1:1:1, resulting in well balanced RGB and LRGB images;
  • Equal RGB exposures means one master dark frame;
  • Parfocal across all filters in this set;
  • Improved color separation with suppression of mercury and sodium lines.

Technical Data:

  • Schott optical substrate
  • 1.25”, 2” mounted, 31mm,36mm dia (2mm+/-0.05mm)
  • 50mm dia,50*50mm,65*65mm square (3mm+/-0.05mm)
  • Surface Quality: 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)
  • Both sides fine-optically polished to ensure accurate 1/4 wavefront
  • 30 arcsec parallelism
  • Tave>95%
  • OD3(0.1%)@ 300-1050nm
  • Multi-layer anti-reflection coating
  • Single Non-glued substrate

Filter Cell (specifications for cell mounted filters only):

  • 1.25” (M28.5*0.6),2” (M48*0.75)
  • Ultra-thin filter cell to minimize vignetting by maximized possible clear aperture
  • Black Anodized Finish
  • Non-Fading Laser Engraving


  • Mounted: 1.25” & 2” (2mm thickness)
  • Unmounted:Dia 31mm,Dia 36mm (2mm thickness)
  • Unmounted:Dia 50mm (3mm thickness)
  • Unmounted:50*50*3mm,65*65*3mm square (3mm thickness)

Not recommended:

  • Solar Observing and imaging
  • Visual observation

Serious eye damage will result if you fail to observe the warning.

In the box:

Set includes Luminance ( IR/UV blocked colorless), Red, Green and Blue filters

ANTLIA LRGB V-series PRO Astronomy Imaging Filters - 2"