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Player One Apollo-M Solar Camera

Player One Apollo-M Solar Camera


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Unleash Your Solar Imaging Potential with the Apollo-M Solar Camera. Experience Solar Imaging Like Never Before. Introducing the Apollo-M Solar Camera, the world`s first camera line designed specifically for solar photography. With its cutting-edge technology and focus on monochrome sensors, the Apollo-M series redefines the possibilities of solar imaging for astronomy enthusiasts, astrophotographers, and researchers.

Discover the Apollo-M Camera Lineup. The Apollo-M camera series features Sony sensors with global shutters and a specialization in monochrome sensors. The series consists of four models: Apollo-M MAX (IMX432): A 1.1-inch format monochrome sensor camera with a resolution of 1608x1104 pixels and a well depth of 100ke. Apollo-M MINI (IMX429): A 2/3-inch format monochrome sensor camera optimized for solar imaging. Apollo-M (IMX174): A 1/1.2-inch format monochrome sensor camera designed to capture the finest details of the Sun. Apollo-C (IMX174): A 1/1.2-inch format color sensor camera that combines the advantages of monochrome sensors with vibrant solar imaging.

Unleash the Power of the Apollo-M MAX Solar Camera. The Apollo-M MAX is a revolutionary solar camera developed by Player One Astronomy. It features the Sony IMX432 1.1.

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