Askar FRA300 60mm f/5


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ASKAR FRA300 60mm f/5 Quintuplet Astrograph APO Apochromatic Refractor Telescope


The shortest, but fastest in the FRA series! The ultimate portable astro photo and nature photography instrument in this size, quality and field of view!

Look no further for the highest quality "Flatfield Refractive Astrograph" - FRA in the 60mm aperture.

According to customer feedback, it actually outperforms some much more expensive Japanese telescopes...


The FRA300 is a refractive astrograph designed with built-in flat field correction for imaging with up to full frame cameras...

Since their inception, Askar FRA series short focal ratio astrographs have been very well received by astronomical amateurs.This year, we launched the FRA300 Pro - the smallest FRA, 60mm F/5 Petzval astrograph with the fastest native focal ratio in the FRA series so far, its focal length is 300mm. The star is sharp and delicate.

At the center of its field of view, the RMS radius can reach 2um. Even a serious user can also be satisfied when it comes to the shape of stars.It performs excellence with full-frame and supports 44mm imaging,which is a rare astrograph for amateur astronomers.Compared with F/6 or F/7,F/5 can effectively reduce the exposure time, helps you to get the same exposure in less time. In addition, the entire OTA is compact, making it the portable choice for field photographers.

  • The FRA300 Pro 's objective lens adopts a quintuplet fully air-spaced structure, including one piece of ED glass, it also adopts a fully-multi-coating to effectively remove stray light.
    In particular, the rear group lens adopts the two pieces of far-separated refractive lenses, which improves both the star quality and the aberration correction performance , and has a very good control of full-frame peripheral light reduction.

Thanks to the native Petzval design, the user does not need to calculate the backfocus, as long as the focus is within a certain range is the optimal position.

Mechanically,FRA300 Pro is assembled with high-quality CNC-machined components , wrapped with smooth spray coating and light oxidation process,both beautiful and practical.The tube ring design is equally lightweight and stylish.Despite the increased cost, we want enthusiasts to use the FRA300 Pro that perform well in every way and are considered in every detail.

The focuser is A 2.5"rack-and-pinion focuser, which is solid and beautiful.It's designed with dual-speed hand knobs, twin knobs for coarse adjustment and a fine adjustment knob to accurate the focus, equipped with a universal M48X0.75 thread adapter. There are also two separate M54X0.75 and M48X0.75 adapters in the standard kit for easy access to a variety of imaging equipment and accessories. The end is equipped with a 360° rotator, which is convenient for users to rotate at any angle when shooting. 






  • Apertaure: 60mm
  • Focal Length: 300mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Objective type: quintuplet fully air-spaced Petzval APO (including one ED glass)
  • Overall length: 303mm
  • Weight: 2.26kg
  • Weight with accessories: 3.12kg
  • Back-end adapter: M48x0.75 male thread, 2" eyepiece holder barrel, 1.25" eyepiece holder barrel (adapter)
  • Image circle:44mm full-frame
  • Maximum accessory connection (with the focuser fully retreated):
          Imaging mode:
    71mm (from the base of M42×0.75 male thread)
    67mm (from the base of M48×0.75 male thread)
    71mm (from the base of M54×0.75 male thread)


  • a pair of tube rings
  • handle
  • ASKAR 300mm dovetail bar
  • quality control inspection list
  • instruction manual
  • warranty document
  • 2" to 1.25" adapter (1.25" eyepiece holder)
  • M42*0.75 adapter

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Askar FRA300 60mm f/5