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ASTF: AstroSolar Telescope Filters OD 5.0

ASTF: AstroSolar Telescope Filters OD 5.0


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ASTF: AstroSolar Telescope Filters OD 5.0

From 80mm to 240mm

Optimized for Solar Observation and Photography: Ideal for use with premium telescopes and high-power tele-lenses. Enables observation of the finest details, including individual sunspots, at the highest magnification levels. AstroSolar Safety Film OD 5.0: Carefully mounted in a temperature-compensated cell to ensure stress-free performance. Temperature Stability: Designed to eliminate astigmatism, ensuring clear observations regardless of winter cold or summer heat. Included in the Package: ASTF Filters available for apertures ranging from 80 to 180mm (200 – 280mm coming soon). Each set includes two sets of centering bolts (38mm length) – three bolts with a 10mm diameter and three with a 20mm diameter, adjustable for your telescope or dew cap's tube diameter. Additionally, three safety straps with glue-pads, three rubber plugs for unused holes, and detailed mounting instructions are provided.

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