BRESSER Micro Motion Head MH-100 (Polar-Wedge)


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Product information "BRESSER Micro Motion Head MH-100"

Tripod head with fine adjustment for fast and precise pole height adjustment of the BRESSER StarTracker Astrophoto Mount PM-100 art. no. 4964120.

The BRESSER Micro Motion Head MH-100 allows a very precise adjustment by using large dimensioned knurled screws. In order to keep the adjustment distances by using the knurled screws as small as possible, the mounting plate has a quick-release clamping device with toothing in order to be able to select a rough presetting of the pole height (latitude at the location). The Micro Motion Head MH-100 can be mounted on any photo tripod with 1/4 inch photo thread closure. The BRESSER StarTracker astrophoto mount can then be mounted on the MH-100 tripod head without the use of tools using a 1/4" photo thread screw. The complete motion head is made of black anodized aluminum and guarantees highest stability by the use of solid material. The knurled screws with fine pitch thread are even made of stainless steel and guarantee a long durability and corrosion resistance.

Ideal for optimizing tracking accuracy in astrophotography.

Can also be used as a stable adjustment element of a telescopic sight in astrophotography. Parallel alignment of the main telescope and the guide telescope is thus also possible quickly and precisely. Base plate connection: 3 x 1/4 inch photo thread with 35.0 mm hole spacing. Mounting plate connection: 2 x M8x1.25 thread with 35.0mm hole spacing.


  • Compact micro motion head with fine adjustment
  • Functions as a so-called polar-wedge
  • For precise adjustment of polar alignment (EQ mode)
  • Mounting plate with quick-release clamping device and toothing
  • Can be used with any photo tripod and 1/4inch thread adapter
  • Made of black anodised aluminium and stainless steel
  • Quick and easy to use device
  • Suitable for BRESSER StarTracker Astrophoto Mount PM-100
  • Suitable for BRESSER tripod TP-100 DX
  • Also ideal as an adjustment element of an auto-guiding scope
  • For parallel alignment of main telescope and guiding telescope
  • Base plate connection: 3 x 1/4 inch photo thread; hole spacing 35.0mm
  • Connection mounting plate: 2 x M8x1.25mm thread; drilling distance 35,0mm


  • Micro Motion Head MH-100
  • Instruction manual

Colour: black

Material: Aluminium, Steel

BRESSER Micro Motion Head MH-100 (Polar-Wedge)