BRESSER Nebula 6 AZ/EQ6 Wi-Fi-Network Mount


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BRESSER Nebula 6 EQ/AZ Wifi-Network Mount

The new BRESSER Nebula 6 EQ/AZ Wifi-Network Mount is a precise and quiet telescope mount – ideal for astrophotography. The controller box offers numerous central connection options for various accessories such as cameras, filter wheels, and motor focusers via USB (2.0/3.0), simplifying the setup of a professional astro-photography machine.

Quality and Innovation

BRESSER relies on innovation paired with quality Made in Italy for this top-class product. The long-standing experience of the manufacturer in mount construction guarantees a high-end device with first-class functionality and highest reliability. Additionally, the in-house development team for hardware and software in Italy ensures quick response times in technical support and the adaptation of new device drivers. True to the motto "Professionals at work!"

Control and Connectivity

The mount is controlled via pre-installed web app software, accessible via Wifi and an Ethernet cable connection. The philosophy behind the Nebula GoTo system is to provide the user with a control system independent of a normal PC, which can be remotely controlled in all its functions via a smart device such as a mobile phone or tablet. However, this does not exclude the traditional use of computers of all types and brands, which can be connected to the system either wired or wirelessly.

The BRESSER Nebula GoTo System Controller is a Raspberry Pi 4 microcomputer, which allows complete control of the setup (mount, camera, etc.) without the need for any other external device. The BRESSER Nebula GoTo system is already equipped with all Linux-based applications necessary for performing all astrophotographic functions. The existing INDI environment allows the control of almost all devices (cameras, filter wheels, rotators, including observatory domes), necessary for conducting local or remote astrophotography sessions.

The system also offers high flexibility for users who prefer to use traditional computer client applications such as Cart du Ciel (Star Chart), TheSkyX, SkySafari, Stellarium, and other planetarium programs as well as SGP, Nina, CCD Ciel, and other astrophotography tools. This complete compatibility is ensured through the adoption of the Alpaca communication protocol, which allows the use of traditional ASCOM platform drivers for native INDI devices.

State-of-the-Art Mount Construction

The BRESSER Nebula mounts are CNC-manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum. The simple and functional design is thanks to a renowned Italian mount manufacturer, who has designed and now also manufactures these fine BRESSER products 100%. So, look forward to a stable yet easily transportable mount, which despite its light weight of only 16 kg (including tripod) allows a high load capacity of up to 25 kg.

Visual Observation

For visual observation and direct use, control the mount with the hand control box included in the package. Alternatively, connect the Nebula 6 via WLAN directly to your smartphone or tablet and use the virtual hand control box. Of course, all adjustment parameters can also be adjusted via the web application. The user interface is deliberately simple and clear to ensure intuitive operation.


Here, the Nebula mount shows its full strength. Whether mobile or stationary, remote capability is crucial. Connect your laptop or PC either via WLAN or with an Ethernet cable (recommended for faster data transfer) directly to the Raspberry-Pi control unit of the mount. Then use the pre-installed software Kstars/EKOS to control the mount and all external devices such as cameras, motor focus, filter wheel, etc. Alternatively, you can also directly control the unit with your own software. Applications such as Cart du Ciel (Star Chart), TheSkyX, SkySafari, Stellarium, and other planetarium programs as well as SGP, Nina, CCD Ciel, and other astrophotography tools can be used without any issues.

2-in-1 Mount with EQ and AZ Mode

If required, the Nebula can be switched from the equatorial mode to the azimuthal mode. This is particularly advantageous for observing nature or tracking satellites. Thus, the mount can be used for various applications and is not limited to astronomy only.

Attachment of up to Two Optics

Would you like to adapt multiple optics? No problem. Simply use the option to replace the counterweight bar with another telescope. Use the second optic simply as a counterweight to the main telescope. Set the Nebula 6 to azimuthal mode, remove the counterweight bar, and screw on an extension adapter with a suitable second telescope clamp directly to the mount.


  • Precise and quiet telescope mount – ideal for astrophotography
  • Extensive connection options for various accessories via USB
  • Integrated web app software enables central control of all components
  • Integrated Raspberry Pi with USB-3 ports and Ethernet port
  • Compatible with client applications such as Cart du Ciel (Star Chart), TheSkyX, SkySafari, Stellarium
  • Compatible with SGP, Nina, CCD Ciel, and other astrophotography tools
  • Virtual hand control box and settings menu for smartphones and tablets
  • PC control – ASCOM and INDI compatible
  • USB ports for cameras, motors, filter wheels etc.
  • Conversion from parallactic to azimuthal mode possible
  • Small hand box for basic functions included
  • High load capacity yet lightweight
  • Mount CNC-manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum
  • Tooth belt drive for precise and quiet tracking
  • Load capacity: 18 kg in EQ mode and 25 kg in AZ mode
  • Dual-prism clamping for the attachment of Vixen GP and Losmandy
  • Weight of the mount: 11 kg
  • Weight of the tripod: 5 kg

Scope of Delivery

  • Nebula 6 EQ/AZ Mount
  • Field tripod
  • Central control unit with Raspberry Pi
  • Counterweight: 6 kg (1 piece)
  • Basic hand box
  • Connection cables
  • Power supply 230V/12V/3A

BRESSER Nebula 6 AZ/EQ6 Wi-Fi-Network Mount