BRESSER Nebula Goto Kit EXOS-2


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BRESSER Nebula Goto Kit EXOS-2

Already own a BRESSER EXOS-2 mount and looking to advance your astronomical endeavors? The new Nebula Goto Kit is your gateway to exploring new celestial horizons with enhanced precision and control. This modern system provides several sophisticated control options to suit your preferences and requirements.

Multiple Control Options

Operate the mount directly through the Nebula control interface using your smartphone or tablet. Compatible with both iOS and Android, this intuitive interface ensures seamless operation. For those who prefer software-based control, the Nebula Goto Kit supports integration with popular planetarium software like SkySafari, offering a versatile and rich user experience.

Prefer manual control? No problem. The kit includes a handbox for making minor corrections and executing simple commands, giving you complete flexibility in how you manage your observations.

Enhanced Connectivity

Connect your laptop or PC directly to the Nebula control unit via WLAN or a LAN cable for faster data transmission. This setup provides full control over the mount and enables you to connect multiple devices—such as cameras, motor focus, and filter wheels—directly to the control unit via various USB ports. This eliminates the hassle of connecting each device to your computer separately.

With the pre-installed KStars / EKOS software, you can effortlessly control all connected devices from your PC or laptop, making your astronomical observations more efficient and enjoyable.

Advanced Features

Electronic polar alignment and guiding are easily achievable with the Goto Kit, especially when you have a camera connected. Additionally, the installed ASCOM Alpaca driver allows you to use your preferred programs to control the mount, including Stellarium and N.I.N.A. This flexibility ensures that you can utilize the best tools available for your astronomical pursuits. The two stepper motors, featuring a belt drive, provide smooth and precise movement of the mount's two axes. A well-balanced setup is essential for optimal performance.

Key Features

  • Belt drive for more precise and quieter tracking
  • Stepper motors with high resolution (0.36´/microstep)
  • Hand control box for direct control of the mount
  • Virtual hand control box accessible via smartphones and tablets
  • PC control with ASCOM compatibility
  • USB ports for connecting cameras, motor focus, filter wheels, and more

What's Included

  • Two stepper motors for both axes (RA and DEC)
  • Raspberry Pi control unit
  • Basic handbox
  • 230V / 12V / 3 A power supply
  • Connection cables
  • Downloadable manual

BRESSER Nebula Goto Kit EXOS-2