BT-ED70S-A Binocular Telescope


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BT-ED70S-A Binocular Telescope

Discover the celestial wonders and earthly marvels with the newly designed Vixen BT-ED70S-A Binoculars, your gateway to a universe of breathtaking clarity and detail. By incorporating 70 mm ED glass objective lenses, these binoculars are crafted to provide an exceptionally detailed view for both astronomical and daytime observations. The legendary quality of these binoculars has been reimagined by popular demand, featuring ED glass lenses that ensure unmatched sharpness, contrast, and color fidelity.

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Highlights and Features:

  • ED Apochromatic Objective Lenses: 70 mm diameter for superior light gathering, offering 300% more brightness than the naked eye.
  • Ergonomic 45-Degree Viewing Angle: Ensures comfortable, prolonged observation sessions without strain.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: Weighing just 4 kg, these large binoculars come with a metal carry handle for easy transportation and secure tripod mounting.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Features a standard Vixen dovetail rail along with 1/4 and 3/8 inch photo tripod threads, compatible with a wide range of tripods and mounts.
  • Recommended Mount: For optimal viewing, the Vixen HF2 fork mount is suggested, providing stability and vibration-free observation.

Interchangeable Eyepieces:

Flexibility is key, with standard 1.25-inch eyepiece holders allowing for quick magnification changes. Suitable for eyepieces with barrel diameters up to 50 mm, ensuring a snug, tilt-free fit. For best results, use matching eyepieces from the same series.

Enhanced Astronomical Viewing:

Enhance your stargazing with color and nebula filters by attaching them directly to the eyepiece sleeves, perfect for increasing contrast and detail visibility. Compatible with all EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC 1.25'' screw-in filters.

User-Friendly Features:

  • Comfortable 45-Degree Viewer: Makes observing the zenith easy and relaxing.
  • Adjustable Interpupillary Distance: Ranges from 58 to 102 mm to fit various users.
  • Single Eyepiece Focusing: Precise helical focusing system for sharp, effortless adjustments.
  • Retractable Dewcaps: Protect lenses from fogging and block stray light.


  • Objective Lenses: 70 mm / ED apochromatic, fully multi-coated
  • Focal Length: 400 mm (F/5.7)
  • Resolving Power: 1.66 arcseconds
  • Limiting Magnitude: Mag 11.0
  • Dimensions and Weight: 400 × 190 × 155 mm; 4 kg
  • Tripod Mount Compatibility: GP dovetail rail, plus 1/4 and 3/8 inch threads

What's Included:

  • Vixen BT-ED70S-A Binoculars (eyepieces not included)
  • Vixen Finder Shoe
  • Integrated, Retractable Dew Caps
  • Dust Cover
  • Carrying Handle

Ideal for both the cosmos and the natural world, the Vixen BT-ED70S-A Binoculars bring the distant universe and Earth's wonders into close, clear view, promising a viewing experience that's as immersive as it is enlightening.

BT-ED70S-A Binocular Telescope