Lunt LS50THa/B400PT 50mm H-Alpha Telescope with Pressure Tuner


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Introducing the LS50THa/PT Complete H-Alpha Solar Telescope, a recent addition to Lunt's innovative lineup, now available for immediate dispatch from our UK inventory. This solar telescope is designed to bring the sun's most dynamic features into your view with exceptional clarity and safety.

Key Features:

  • A 50mm clear aperture ensures unobstructed, detailed views of solar phenomena.
  • The 350mm focal length offers a broad observational range.
  • Features an internal Etalon with tune adjustment for sub-0.75 Angstrom bandwidth precision.
  • Equipped with a B400 blocking filter for enhanced viewing quality.
  • The refractor design provides a free 50mm aperture with no central obstruction.
  • An air-pressure tuning system, known as the "Pressure Tuner," allows for meticulous control over observation settings.
  • Offers a bandwidth of less than 0.75 Angstrom for high-resolution imaging.
  • A non-rotating Helical focuser ensures smooth and precise focusing.
  • Includes a clamshell with a 1/4-20 tapped base, making it compatible with standard photo-tripods for easy mounting.

Excitingly, the LS50THa allows for double-stacking with an even narrower bandwidth of less than 0.5 Angstrom, significantly enhancing surface detail contrast. This is made possible by Lunt Solar Systems' newly designed LS50C double-stack filter, which threads directly onto the LS50THa telescopes. Additionally, standard double-stack filters such as the LS50FHa and LS60FHa can also be used with the available LS150/50 adapter.

Recommended Accessories:

  • 1.25" Zoom Eyepiece 7.2mm - 21.5mm: This versatile eyepiece offers variable focal lengths, ideal for adapting to different viewing conditions with a standard 1.25" connection.
  • Sol Searcher: A must-have for easily locating the sun, this accessory mounts onto all Lunt Solar telescopes.
  • Dovetail Plate 100mm (GP Level): Perfectly compatible with Vixen and similar mounts, this dovetail plate ensures a secure and stable connection to your telescope mount.

With free delivery across the UK mainland, the LS50THa/PT Complete H-Alpha Solar Telescope represents a significant advancement in accessible solar observation, offering both amateurs and experienced astronomers a powerful tool to explore the sun's intricate details safely and affordably.

Lunt LS50THa/B400PT 50mm H-Alpha Telescope with Pressure Tuner