EM31 Pro Harmonic Equatorial Mount


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Enhance your astrophotography and celestial observation experiences with the EM31 Pro Harmonic Equatorial Mount. This compact, lightweight mount, designed with precision harmonic reducers, offers unparalleled ease of use and portability for outdoor adventures. The versatile EM31 Pro supports three mounting configurations: German equatorial, side altazimuth, and top altazimuth, catering to a wide range of sky-watching and photography needs. Its robust design supports payloads up to 20kg with a counterweight, ensuring stability for your equipment.


Key Features:

Light and Portable: Weighing approximately 4kg (excluding Dovetail & adapter), it's ideal for on-the-go astronomers.

  • Versatile Payload Capacity: Handles up to 15kg without and 20kg with a counterweight, suitable for a broad range of telescopes and cameras.
  • Wide Latitude Range: Offers a 0° to 90° latitude adjustment with fine-tuning capabilities, facilitating precise alignment.
  • Precise Azimuth and Altitude Adjustments: -8° to +8° azimuth and micrometer-level latitude adjustments for accurate positioning.
  • High-Performance Motors: Features a 42 Closed-loop stepper motor with RA and DEC harmonic reducers for smooth tracking and precise movements.
  • Fast GoTo Speed: Achieves a maximum GoTo speed of 6°/s, enabling quick targeting of celestial objects.
  • Efficient Power Use: Minimal power consumption with tracking at 0.4A and GoTo at 0.7A, powered via a DC5.5-2.1 (12v 5A) port.
  • Advanced Connectivity: Equipped with USB 2.0, WiFi, and Bluetooth for seamless communication and control.
  • Flexible Dovetail Compatibility: Supports Vixen 75°, LOSMANDY 60°, and optional Arca dovetail for easy equipment changes.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Includes a wired hand controller and intuitive adjustment knobs for altitude and azimuth, simplifying setup and calibration.

Installation and Usage Guide:

  • Altitude and Azimuth Alignment: Easily adjust your viewing angle with the German equatorial mount's precise alignment features.
  • Polar Calibration: For astrophotography, utilize plate solving, Pole master, or Ipolar for accurate polar alignment.
  • Dovetail Installation: The EM31 Pro accommodates a wide range of dovetails, making it compatible with various telescopes.
  • Mode Switching: Seamlessly transition between equatorial and altazimuth modes to suit your observation needs.
  • Telescope Installation: Ensure correct alignment with the marked direction on the mount for optimal performance.
  • Horizontal Calibration: Achieve accurate GoTo functionality and stable tracking by ensuring the mount's base is level, using the built-in bubble level and horizontal adjusters.

Elevate your stargazing and astrophotography with the EM31 Pro Harmonic Equatorial Mount, your lightweight, versatile companion for exploring the cosmos.

Welcome to Dark Clear Skies, the only official distributor of the EM31 Pro Harmonic Equatorial Mount in the UK. Designed for the astrophotography enthusiast who demands both precision and versatility, the EM31 Pro is your perfect companion for exploring the cosmos. With its lightweight design, advanced harmonic reducers, and multiple mounting modes, this mount is ideal for capturing the night sky's wonders from any location. Discover unparalleled ease of use and performance with the EM31 Pro, available exclusively through Dark Clear Skies.

EM31 Pro Harmonic Equatorial Mount