EMH150A Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pier Extension


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Maximize your astronomical experience with the EMH150A Pier Extension. Crafted from premium Aluminum (AL6061) and Stainless Steel, it offers a sturdy yet lightweight build at only 1.2kg. Designed for convenience, its tool-free, fast-assembling feature ensures you're ready to observe the sky in no time. Plus, the pier extension enhances safety by preventing collisions between the telescope and tripod. Upgrade to EMH150A for a seamless and secure stargazing session.


  • High-grade Aluminum (AL6061) and Stainless Steel for durability and strength.

Size & Weight:

  • Compact Design: Height 150mm, Diameter 110mm
  • Ultra-Lightweight: Only 1.2kg for easy transportation and setup.


  1. Tool-Free Assembly: Our quick and effortless assembly means your setup is both fast and free from the hassle of additional tools.
  2. Enhanced Protection: The innovative pier extension design significantly reduces the risk of any accidental contact between the telescope and tripod, safeguarding your valuable equipment.

The EMH150A combines efficient design with protective features to enhance your astronomical observations without the added weight.

EMH150A Aluminum and Stainless Steel Pier Extension