Lunt LS50THa/B600PT 50mm H-Alpha Telescope with Pressure Tuner


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The Lunt LS50THa/B600PT H-Alpha Solar Telescope with Pressure Tuner is a compact, high-quality instrument designed for detailed observation of the sun. This model includes a 50mm aperture and a 350mm focal length, offering excellent clarity and resolution for solar features. The telescope is equipped with a Pressure-Tuner for precise tuning of the H-alpha bandwidth, which is less than 0.75 Angstrom, allowing for the observation of solar prominences, filaments, and surface details with remarkable detail.

Key Features and Specifications:

  • Aperture: 50mm, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the sun.
  • Focal Length: 350mm, offering a good balance between field of view and magnification.
  • Bandwidth: Less than 0.75 Angstrom, enabling high-resolution observation of solar phenomena.
  • Tuning: Utilizes an air-pressure tuning system ("Pressure-Tuner") for precise control over the internal Etalon, enhancing the visibility of solar details.
  • Blocking Filter: B600, which is larger than the B400 model, provides a wider field of view and is very suitable for visual solar observing.
  • Focusing: Achieved with a non-rotating Helical focuser for smooth and precise adjustments.
  • Portability: Its compact design and lightweight (2.1kg) make it an ideal travel telescope for solar observers on the move.
  • Double-Stacking: Capable of double-stacking with an additional LS50C filter for even narrower bandwidth (<0.5 Angstrom), significantly increasing contrast and seeing more surface detail.

This telescope is designed primarily for visual observation, offering safe and direct observation of the sun when used correctly. The larger B600 blocking filter enhances the viewing experience, making it ideal for enthusiasts who demand high-quality solar imaging. The LS50THa/B600PT is praised for its portability, ease of use, and the quality of solar images it can produce, making it a favorite among both amateur and experienced solar observers.

For those interested in solar photography, it's noted that the telescope has limited back-focus, suggesting that specialized solar imaging equipment may be required for optimal results. The LS60MT series is recommended for those looking to dive deeper into solar imaging.

Overall, the Lunt LS50THa/B600PT is a superb choice for anyone looking to explore the dynamic features of the sun with a reliable and high-performance solar telescope.

For more detailed information, specifications, and purchasing options, visiting the official Lunt Solar Systems website or authorized dealers would be beneficial.

Lunt LS50THa/B600PT 50mm H-Alpha Telescope with Pressure Tuner