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Primaluce Lab 85mm PLUS Tube Rings


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Enhance Your Telescope's Versatility with 85mm PLUS Support Rings

The 85mm PLUS support rings have been meticulously designed to provide compatibility with telescopes of any brand, especially those featuring approximately 85mm tube diameter. Whether you own a refractor with a 70mm-80mm aperture or a similar telescope, adding these rings expands your telescope's capabilities. You can now explore options such as mounting it on various mounts or even setting up multiple telescopes in parallel.

Unlock Endless Possibilities with the Prima Luce Universal System (PLUS)

The 85mm PLUS support rings are an essential component of our comprehensive PLUS system (Prima Luce Universal System). This extensive ecosystem offers a wide selection of support rings, plates, guide rings, and dovetail clamps, providing you with the freedom to construct a tailored mechanical support system according to your specific requirements. Every PLUS system element features precision-engineered threaded holes, openings, and slots, ensuring robust connections while prioritizing your comfort.

Exceptional Precision and Durability

Our commitment to precision is evident in every aspect of the 85mm PLUS support rings and all PLUS system components. These elements are meticulously machined from high-quality aluminium blocks using advanced CNC technology. Subsequently, the aluminium surfaces undergo meticulous sandblasting to achieve an exceptionally smooth finish. The application of hard anodizing enhances material durability and provides protection against oxidation, ensuring your equipment remains in top-notch condition over time.

Versatile Design for Precise Adjustments

The 85mm PLUS support rings feature a thoughtful design, incorporating strategically positioned holes both above and below each ring. These holes enable:

  1. Attachment of Vixen or Losmandy plates beneath the rings, simplifying the process of mounting your telescope on various mounts.
  2. Effortless securement of PLUS guide rings to the support rings using two screws, ensuring precise guiding capabilities.
  3. Addition of Vixen or Losmandy plates above the rings to enhance the overall mechanical system's rigidity. This facilitates the installation of additional accessories like dovetail clamps with guide rings, allowing for precise adjustments to your guide telescope's position.

Seamless Compatibility with Other Brands

Even if you possess mechanical accessories from other brands, the PLUS system remains highly adaptable. We've incorporated a series of central slots that enable you to effortlessly attach plates or guide rings to these support rings using screws, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of equipment.

Elevate your astronomy experience with the 85mm PLUS support rings, offering unmatched versatility, precision, and engineering excellence. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your telescope setup today!

Primaluce Lab 85mm PLUS Tube Rings