Retekess TD103 Restaurant Pager System.


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Retekess TD103 Long Range Coaster Pager System 1000m Out of Range Alarm for Restaurant, Hospital, Warehouse

Retekess TD103 long range coaster paging system 1000m

Infrared technology, FM technology, Waterproof IP54

More than 1000 meters coverage in open area

7 prompt methods: vibration, flash and beep, combine freely

Out of range alert; Service countdown notice

Adjustable reminder duration: 5-99s

Support protocol (contact us if you need)

Note: Please use the keypad transmitter on the table which be made of wood, plastic, glass and other materials, and avoid the table top of metal and marble.


retekess td103 long range pager system

Retekess TD103 Long Range Guest Pager System 1 Transmitter and 10 Pagers


Retekess TD103 wireless guest paging system is designed with digital FM modulation technology, which makes the signal more strong and more stable, much better than AM modulation technology, with the range of up to 1000 meters in the open area

7 prompt modes you can combine freely, so it fits more usage scenario

Capacity built-in battery makes the pager last for a longer time


1. Long range, it can reach 1000 meters in an open area

2. 1 to 1 Infrared pairing technology

3. 31 channels, so you can change the channel to avoid interference

4. Out-of-range alarm: when the customer exceeds the working range of the transmitter; the pager will sound an alarm to remind the customer; to avoid the problem of the pager not receiving the signal

5. Service countdown: if the guest has not returned the pager after the time limit; the pager will remind again

6. Large capacity rechargeable battery with the pager.

7. 7 prompt notice modes, vibration, flash, and voice

8.  27Pc flash LED, good visibility

9. Notice time: 5-99s, also be set to always call


Support pager quantity

One set has 1 transmitter and 10 pagers. It supports 98 pagers in total. So you can add 98 pagers later when your business grows. 99 is for out-of-range notice

7 Prompt modes food buzzer system

You can combine vibration, flash, and buzzer freely, totally up to 7 modes.

Each vibration, flash, and buzzers have another 3 modes, slow, medium, and fast. You can set it according to your use.

Long time using long-range pager system system

500 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, standby for more than 48 hours, effectively avoids frequent charging during use

Out of range notice function

Out of Range notice feature and built-in anti-theft & auto-locate minimizes pager loss, multiple alert settings, Voice/Vibration/Beeping in any combination;

Password validation is required which can prevent non-staff from changing the pager settings, more safety

Touch keyboard transmitter

Touch keyboard button, more comfortable & highly sensitive; More durable than the bump button

Service countdown

the pager will remind again if the guest does not take their meal over time


This wireless long-range coaster pager system is widely used in restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, Emergency Centers, Banks, Schools, Factories, Construction Sites, Church nurseries, clubs, cafes, bars, clinics, etc.

retekess td103 applications

Note: Please use the keypad transmitter on the table which is made of wood, plastic, glass, and other materials, and avoid the tabletop of metal and marble.



Retekess TD103 Long-range Coaster Pager System Specification

Coaster Pager

Keypad Transmitter





Shell Material


Shell Material


Receiving Sensitivity


Transmitting Power


Standby time

48 h

Standby Power



500mAH LI-ion 

Max. Power


Receive Frequency


Transmit frequency


Charging base power


Power Supply


Notice mode

Vibration, LED flash, buzzer

Keypress mode








Package includes: 

Option Package Includes
1 keypad + 10 pagers 10x Coaster Pagers
1x Keypad transmitter
1x Antenna
1x Charge base
2x Power adapter
1x User Manual
1 keypad + 20 pagers 20x Coaster Pagers
1x Keypad transmitter
1x Antenna
2x Charge bases
2x Power adapter
1x User Manual
1 keypad + 30 pagers 30x Coaster Pagers
1x Keypad transmitter
1x Antenna
3x Charge bases
2x Power adapter
1x User Manual

Retekess TD103 Restaurant Pager System.