Retekess Tera Restaurant Pager System.


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Product Description

Tera Pager System P1-R16

wireless pager

Tera Wireless Paging Calling System with Vibration Alert

Tera Paging System- the best helper during this pandemic.

Up to 16 charging slots for the changeable space that avoid using up the battery but extend the battery lifespan.

Support three reaction modes: Buzzer/Vibration/Flashing Light.


Please check the page for PDF user manual and user guide

wireless pager system

Note :

1. Do not set“99/999"as pager ID, which is a shut-down command.

2. To change pager ID, just input the new ID with the control panel.

3. Set up only one page at a time. If there are more than 1 pagers.

4. Sitting on the charging slots, all of the pagers will share the same ID.

Beeper On/Off

Enter programming, touch 0 to turn off the beeper or touch 1 to turn on the beeper, then press the Call button to save the setting.

LED Indicators - Length of time for which the flashing lasts.

Touch 4 to start set-up, with 01 flashing on the display. Touch keys on the control panel to set up the length of how long the LED indicators. Should flash (the input numbers should be within 1 to 99), finally touch. Call to save the setting.

Restaurant Pager System

Up to 100m indoor and 200m outdoor transmission power minimizes the crowds waiting in line.

Improves working efficiency without getting to the customers’ locations by using our easy set up calling system, and let the customers know when to get their order and request.

restaurant pager system
wireless calling pager system wireless calling system pager

Retekess Tera Restaurant Pager System.