RP200 Carbon Fiber Tripod Extension


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Elevate your photography with the RP200 extension rod, designed for seamless integration and increased tripod performance.

RP200 Carbon Fiber Tripod Extension: Enhance Stability and Reach


  • Premium Carbon Fiber for durability and lightness.


  • Tube Diameter: 44mm for robust support.
  • Tube Thickness: 2mm, combining strength with flexibility.
  • Height: 220mm for optimal elevation.
  • Weight: A mere 0.78kg for ultimate portability.


  1. Height Enhancement: Adds significant height to your tripod, providing a wider range of shooting angles and perspectives.
  2. Stability Improvement: Broadens the tripod's footprint, increasing stability and preventing your equipment from tipping, even in challenging conditions.
  3. Robust Connection: The extension rod is crafted from the same high-caliber carbon fiber as the tripod, ensuring a uniform and sturdy connection. Its conical joining mechanism offers superior stability compared to traditional telescopic tube designs.

RP200 Carbon Fiber Tripod Extension