RT81 Dual Time Slot High Power IP67 UHF DMR Radio


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 RT81 Dual Time Slot High Power IP67 UHF DMR Radio

1. RETEVIS RT81 Dual Time Slot UHF/VHF High Output Power IP67 Digital /Analog mode is compatible DMR two way radios.

RT81 High power DMR radio

2. RT81 IP67 Waterproof radio

The design of dust-proof and waterproof prevents solid objects and water from damaging the walkie talkie. Allows you to use RT81 in complex environments.

RT81 IP67 Waterproof High power DMR radio

3.Digital Encryption

Secure communications are an essential requirement, especially for public safety applications, RT81 is equipped with 10-bit key data encryption, walkie talkie prevents eavesdropping and avoids interference to ensure secure communication.

RT81 High power DMR radio with Digital Encryption

4. Long Battery Life

Built-in 2200 mAh battery, an operating time of 15 hours in analog mode and 25 hours in digital mode, and is suitable for daily use.

RT81 High power DMR radio Long Battery Life

5.Crystal Sound

Security personnel typically work in a busy, noisy environment. The sound quality of the walkie-talkie is especially important. Due to the built-in high quality speakers, the DMR walkie-talkie provides better noise cancellation. In a noisy environment, it is possible to communicate with others in better quality.

RT81 High power DMR radio with Crystal Sound

6. Sturdy Body

In the security process, it often happens that the walkie-talkie falls down by running. Therefore, there are certain requirements for the fall resistance of the walkie talkie. A robust shell with stronger protection against falls and earthquakes is more durable.

RT81 Sturdy Body High power DMR radio

7. High/Low Power Selection

High power has a longer call range. Low power has a longer battery life. The selection between high and low power can be used flexibly, allowing you to choose the appropriate power in different situations.

RT81 High power DMR radio with HighLow Power Selection function

8. Private/Group Call

For security, it is necessary to communicate. The walkie-talkie supports individual and group call with ID, by setting the frequency, time slot, etc. to meet complex communication requirements.

9.Digital /Analog

Since the walkie talkie is compatible with both analog and digital modes, it not only retains the analog radio function, but also has the advantages of digital radio, such as better radio performance and longer battery life, higher energy efficiency, and in the meantime reduces the cost of equipment replacement.

10. Dual Time Slot

The walkie talkie supports a repeater that is compatible with digital DMR and analog repeaters and extends the communication range.

The walkie talkie has three modes: simplex, repeater, and simplex dual time slot. In simplex mode, the walkie talkie communicates in different time slots, which improves communication efficiency. In Repeater mode, the walkie talkie increases the communication distance. Dual Time Slot expands the channel capacity and extends the communication distance.


RT81 High power Dual Time Slot DMR radio

11.Six Advantages of DMR

DMR technology offers six benefits, including doubling the capacity of existing licensed channels, backward compatibility with legacy systems, longer battery life, and increased energy efficiency that improves working efficiency, extends walkie talkie life, and reduces equipment replacement costs.

RRT81 High power DMR radio Six Advantages

12. UHF/VHF dual-band radio

UV dual-band, UHF in the high frequency band has better penetration and is more suitable. Outdoors, in a more open environment, VHF in the low frequency band has better diffraction and is more suitable.

RT81 High power DMR radio with UHF VHF


13. Application

RT81 high power dual-time radio for rescure, security, Firefighting

14. RT81 funtction detail

15. RT81 Specification

16. RT81 package detail



Model Retevis RT81
Frequency UHF 400-470MHz
Mode Digital/Analog
Power 10W
Channel capacity 32(2 Zone, 16 channel per zone)
Zone 2
Working voltage 7.4V
Working temperature -30℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+60℃
Continuous working time Analog:15 hours,Digital:25 hours
Battery capacity 2200mAh
Weight(include battery) 9.32oz/264g
Radio size(include battery) 5.48x2.51x1.45in(139x64x37mm)
Channel spacing 12.5/25KHz(Digital mode 12.5KHz)
Frequency stability ±1.0ppm
Analog sensibility 0.35µV/-116dBm(20dB SINAD)
Digital sensibility 0.3µV/-117.4dBm(BER5%)
Spurious response TIA03C:65dB
Adjacent channel selectivity TIA603C:60dB@12.5KHz
Spurious response suppression TIA603C:70dB ETSI:70dB
Receiving spurious emissions <-57dBm@1GHZ,>-47dBm
Blocking 84dB
Rated audio power 1W
Audio response +1dB—-3dB
Rated audio distortion ≤3%
Channel spacing 12.5/25KHz(Digital mode 12.5KHz)
Frequency stability ±1.5ppm
TX power Low:1W High:10W
FM noise -40dB@12.5kHz
Spurious emission <-36dBm@1GHz,>-30dBm
Adjacent channel selectivity -60dB@12.5KHz
FM modulation mode 12.5KHz:11FOF3E
4FSK digital modulation mode 12.5KHz(data only)7K60FX
Modulation limit 2.5KHz@12.5KHz
Audio response +1dB—-3dB
Rated audio distortion ≤3%
Digital protocol ETSITSI02361,-1,-3
Vocoder type AMBE+2TM

Note: Specifications will be revised without notice due to technical improvement.



  1. IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof
  2. Private call, group call, all call in digital mode
  3. Encryption
  4. Wide band/Narrow band selection
  5. Online update
  6. Busy channel lockout
  7. English and Chinese audio prompt
  8. Time out timer
  9. TX high/Low power selection
  10. Read and write by computer
  11. Digital/analog double modes
  12. 32 Channels(2 Zone)
  13. Talk around
  14. Side key programmable
  15. Battery indicator
  16. End-tone elimination
  17. VOX function
  18. Double time slot
  19. Battery save/Low battery alarm
  20. Monitor

RT81 Dual Time Slot High Power IP67 UHF DMR Radio