SPLER Super Planetary Long Eye Relief Eyepieces


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Our Super Planetary Long Eye Relief Eyepieces have undergone rigorous testing, surpassing comparisons with other planetary eyepieces in the market. These remarkable eyepieces deliver outstanding image quality, even at high magnifications, while virtually eliminating reflections. Notably, we're thrilled to offer a generous 20mm eye relief, completely free from the bothersome kidney bean effect. This means you can observe comfortably without the need to keep your head rigid, ensuring an ideal blinking position, whether you wear glasses or not.

These eyepieces are indistinguishable from their branded counterparts, yet we provide them without a brand name, offering exceptional value. Rest assured, we guarantee identical optical design, lens material, and anti-reflective coating that you've come to expect from the originals.

Key Features:

  • Available Focal Lengths: 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12.5mm, 14.5mm, and 18mm
  • Expansive Field of View: 55 - 60 degrees
  • Exceptional Contrast and Edge Sharpness
  • Long Eye Relief (20mm) with Zero Kidney Bean Effect and a Large Exit Pupil Diameter

Upgrade your planetary observation experience with our Super Planetary Long Eye Relief Eyepieces. Discover the cosmos in unparalleled clarity and comfort.

SPLER Super Planetary Long Eye Relief Eyepieces