SV225 Adjustable Angle Alt-Azimuth Telescope Mount


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The SVBONY SV225 is a solid and low-vibration light-to-medium-duty altazimuth mount designed to quickly and easily accept small to medium sized refractors or catadioptric telescope in the 2inch to 5inch range. With a payload capacity of 10kg, even light weight, fast focal ratio Newtonians will match up nicely with the mount

With SA410 Carbon Fibre Tripod

SV225 Adjustable Angle Alt-Azimuth Telescope Mount With Tripod


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Model  SV225
 Max. additional load capacity  10kg
Mounting Saddle  Vixen-Style
Fine adjustment  Yes
Manual tracking  Yes
Underneath the Base thread  UNC 3/8 -16 Female
Worm gear teeth (RA) (piece) 120
Altitude Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous)    -60° to + 60°
Azimuth Mount Rotation Angle (Continuous)  360°
Material  Aluminium 6061T
Net Weight  2.34kg


SV225 Adjustable Angle Alt-Azimuth Telescope Mount