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Vaonis Vespera Precision Hygrometer Sensor - Anti-Fog Accessory for Telescopes

Vaonis Vespera Precision Hygrometer Sensor - Anti-Fog Accessory for Telescopes


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Enhance your stargazing experience with the Vaonis Vespera Hygrometer Sensor, a must-have for any amateur astronomer facing the challenges of foggy conditions. Specially designed for cold or humid environments, this innovative sensor actively monitors temperature and humidity levels. Upon reaching a critical threshold, it activates Vespera's anti-fog system, ensuring your telescope lens stays clear for optimal viewing and photography.

This intelligent accessory is particularly beneficial for astronomers in regions prone to high humidity or low temperatures. The hygrometer's integral demister generates heat around the lens to prevent fog formation, guaranteeing better viewing conditions and crystal-clear images.

Featuring a discreet, compact design, the hygrometer seamlessly integrates into Vespera’s optical arm without interfering with filter usage. It's equipped with the smallest electronic board designed by Vaonis’s engineers, ensuring a low-profile yet effective operation. The sensor automatically manages the anti-fog system, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted observation.

Installation is straightforward, with the sensor fitting snugly above the lens and secured with a screw. Once connected to the Singularity app, you can easily monitor ambient temperature and humidity, further enhancing your observational readiness."

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