Vixen AP Mount with manual fine Adjustment


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The AP Mount: Enhanced Stability and Precision for Every Astronomer

The AP mount stands out as a solid, reliable foundation for your telescope, featuring a slip clutch mechanism for swift adjustments to your celestial target. It supports a broad selection of optional accessories, making the ADVANCED POLARIS mount a versatile choice for both newcomers and seasoned astronomers seeking a compact mount for travel.

Elegantly Simple Design

Boasting a sleek, clutter-free finish, the AP mount allows for straightforward telescope placement and targeting without the need for loosening clamps. Its design marries simplicity with functionality, ensuring a seamless stargazing experience.

Effortless Polar Alignment

Adjusting to your target becomes a breeze with the mount's slip clutches, eliminating the need to locate adjustment clamps in low light. For those faced with obstructed views, an optional polar meter aids in pinpointing the celestial pole, even when obscured.

Innovative Polar Finder Scope Option

The optional polar finder scope introduces an easy method for precise polar alignment, utilizing a three-star reference system. With its illuminated reticle, setting up is intuitive, and the automatic shutoff after three minutes conserves battery life.

Flexible Power Supply Options

Powering the RA and DEC motors is hassle-free with four AA batteries (alkaline, Ni-MH, or Ni-CD). The RA motor includes a USB Micro-B port for connecting external power sources like USB power packs or car chargers, ideal for extended sessions.

Exclusive STAR BOOK ONE Controller

The STAR BOOK ONE controller, integral to the AP-SM mount's RA motor module, offers versatile and intuitive tracking across the RA and DEC axes at various speeds suitable for time-lapse photography and celestial tracking. It's packed with features like backlash compensation, an autoguider port, PEC, and a built-in red LED light for night-time use. Note: The STAR BOOK ONE controller comes exclusively with the Motor Module Set and is not sold separately.

Mount Specifications:

  • Worm Wheels: 58.4 mm diameter gear wheel with 140 teeth for both R.A. and DEC.
  • Adjustments: Easy azimuth and altitude adjustments via twin screws.
  • Bearings: Seven ball bearings ensure smooth operation.
  • Polar Finder: Optional, for enhanced alignment accuracy.
  • Motors: Optional, for automated tracking.
  • Manual Fine Adjustment: For precise control.
  • Counterweight Bar: 20 mm diameter.

Included with Your AP Mount:

  • AP Mount Base
  • 1.0 kg Counterweight

Technical Overview:

  • Color: White
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Mount Type: German/Equatorial Mount
  • Dimensions: Length 263 mm, Width 302 mm, Height 96 mm
  • Net Weight: 3.6 kg (without accessories)
  • Load Capacity: Up to 6 kg
  • Counterweight: 1 kg

The AP mount, with its advanced features and optional enhancements, is designed to cater to the needs of every astronomer, from beginner to expert, ensuring a stable, precise, and enjoyable observation experience under the stars.

Vixen AP Mount with manual fine Adjustment