Vixen AXJ GoTo Mount with Star Book Ten Controller


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The AXJ Mount: Precision and Durability for Advanced Astronomy

The AXJ mount, designed to complement the AXD2 equatorial mount, stands out for its exceptional durability and precision, making it a valuable asset for any astronomer. It is compatible with AXD-TR102 tripods via an adapter, ensuring versatility across your equipment.

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Innovative Periodic Error Correction

Traditionally, periodic errors in mounts require user measurement and correction. However, the AXJ mount, equipped with the advanced STAR BOOK TEN controller, revolutionizes this process. Unlike its predecessor, the STAR BOOK TEN permanently stores corrected periodic errors. These errors are meticulously measured at the factory across 12 points every 30 degrees of the worm gear and corrected before delivery through V-PEC (Vixen-Permanent Periodic Error Correction), which automatically activates upon use. This system achieves an impressive accuracy of +/- 4.0 arc seconds, with the option for users to enhance tracking precision by recording their periodic errors.

Belt-Drive System for Enhanced Performance

The AXJ mount introduces a cutting-edge belt-drive system, replacing traditional gear drives with a toothed belt. This adjustment results in faster reaction times, reduced backlash, and quieter operation. The mount comes with a 6x20 polar finder scope pre-installed, facilitating easy polar alignment for both northern and southern hemispheres, featuring a variable illuminated reticle with an auto-off function to customize brightness levels.

Exceptional Setting Accuracy and Load Capacity

With a setting accuracy of less than 3 arc minutes, the AXJ mount's dark field illumination, powered by a red LED, simplifies the alignment process. The reticle, also illuminated in red, aids in star alignment against the backdrop, with an automatic shutoff to conserve battery life. The newly developed EQ design incorporates two sets of bearings (four pieces) on the RA axis shaft, increasing the load capacity to 22 kg and reducing the need for counterweights.

STAR BOOK TEN Controller: A Leap Forward in Control Systems

The STAR BOOK TEN controller, with its high-resolution color monitor, represents a modern leap in mount control systems. It hosts an extensive database of over 272,000 celestial objects, including stars, Messier objects, NGC and IC objects, along with the sun, moon, and planets. This wealth of information is easily accessible by name, with detailed images and data available for each object.

Features Highlight:

  • +/-4.0 arc seconds accuracy with V-PEC
  • Innovative belt-drive system for reduced backlash and noise
  • 14 ball bearings for smooth operation
  • Comprehensive polar alignment capabilities
  • STAR BOOK TEN controller with extensive celestial database and autoguider input
  • Retractable counterweight bar for convenience

Included with the AXJ Mount:

  • AXJ Mount
  • STAR BOOK TEN Controller
  • Two counterweights (3.7 kg and 1.5 kg)
  • GoTo functionality with STAR BOOK TEN Controller
  • Photographic load capacity of 22 kg

The AXJ mount is engineered for the astronomer who seeks unparalleled precision and reliability in their observational endeavors, offering a blend of advanced features and user-friendly functionality for a superior stargazing experience.

Vixen AXJ GoTo Mount with Star Book Ten Controller