Vixen POLARIE U Polsucher PF-L II Set


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Vixen POLARIE U Polsucher PF-L II Set

The Vixen Polar Finder Set is an essential tool for users of the POLARIE U Star Tracker, facilitating precise alignment with the celestial pole. This precision is crucial for achieving sharp, point-like images of stars, especially with longer focal lengths and exposure times. The polar finder guarantees polar alignment with an impressive accuracy of up to 3 arc minutes.

Aligning your POLARIE U is straightforward with this polar finder: simply align the Pole Star along with two additional stars within the viewfinder, rotating them until they match the reticule displayed within. This process eliminates the need for complex calculations or setting the time and date, streamlining your setup for astrophotography. The PF-L II polar finder features adjustable red illumination, offering eight brightness levels and an automatic shutoff feature to conserve battery life.

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Key Features:

  • Viewfinder: 5 x 20 with a 10° field of view for comprehensive sky coverage.
  • Star Positioning: Utilizes a three-star alignment method for both northern and southern skies, including Polaris, Delta UMI, 51 Cep in the north, and Chi Octantis, Tau Octantis, Sigma Octantis in the south.
  • Illumination: Features dimmable red lighting across eight levels to preserve night vision and battery power.

Included in the Set:

  • PF-L II Polar Finder for accurate celestial alignment
  • Mounting Arm for easy installation and adjustment
  • CR2032 Battery to power the illuminated reticule

Technical Specifications:

  • Primary Use: Enhances photography by ensuring precise polar alignment
  • Color: Sleek black design
  • Polar Finder Scope: Comes standard with illumination for easy viewing
  • Weight: The entire set weighs 229 g, making it lightweight and portable

Ideal for astrophotographers looking to capture the night sky with clarity and precision, the Vixen Polar Finder Set for the POLARIE U Star Tracker is a must-have accessory that simplifies the alignment process, ensuring that your celestial captures are as sharp and detailed as possible.

Vixen POLARIE U Polsucher PF-L II Set