Vixen Porta II azimuthal mount


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Experience Precision and Portability with the Vixen Porta II Azimuthal Mount

Discover the Vixen Porta II, an exceptional azimuthal mount crafted by the prestigious Vixen brand. Designed for effortless and accurate telescopic explorations along both vertical and horizontal axes, the Porta II mount eliminates the need for intricate preparations. Its inclusion of precision adjustment wheels further enhances your ability to smoothly track celestial bodies by fine-tuning the telescope's position. Moreover, its portability is unparalleled, featuring a removable mount head that swiftly disconnects from the tripod with an M10 screw, and the Vixen-standard dovetail system ensures widespread telescope compatibility.

In-Depth Look at the Vixen Porta II Mount Features:

User-Friendly Operation The Porta II stands out for its user-friendly design. It eliminates the necessity for a clamp thanks to its innovative slip clutch, allowing for straightforward adjustments to any celestial object. Its self-sustaining position feature adds to the ease of use, making your astronomical pursuits more enjoyable.

Enhanced Portability Transporting the Porta II mount is a breeze. Its mount head is easily detachable with just one screw, emphasizing its design for astronomers on the go.

Precision Tracking and Adjustments With the Porta II, tracking celestial objects and making meticulous adjustments is straightforward. The included adjustment shafts are designed for repositioning as needed, ensuring comfortable and precise observations.

Convenient Accessory Storage The accessory holder is thoughtfully designed with slots for eyepieces and small photography tools, easily attachable with a central screw. This feature keeps your essentials organized and within reach.

Integrated Adjustment Tool The mount incorporates a dedicated tool for slip clutch friction adjustments, cleverly concealed beneath a rubber cover for immediate accessibility.

Key Features Highlight:

  • 360° fine adjustments via worm gears for precise tracking.
  • Equipped with two 120-tooth sprockets for smooth operation.
  • No need for an axle clamp, thanks to the slip clutch system.
  • Compatibility with the GP and Sphinx mount through the dovetail system.
  • Ability to adjust up to 45°, accommodating tubes up to 155 mm in aperture.

What's Included:

  • Vixen Porta II Mount
  • Lightweight Aluminium Tripod
  • Two Adjustment Wheels for Precision
  • Mounting Tool for Setup Ease
  • Accessory Storage Shelf for Organizational Efficiency

The Vixen Porta II mount is not just a tool for astronomical observation; it's an investment in a hassle-free, precise, and portable stargazing experience.

Vixen Porta II azimuthal mount