Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi


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Vixen has introduced a groundbreaking series of SX mounts, catering to the advanced needs of astrophotographers and serious astronomers. The standout SXD2WL mount integrates effortlessly with mobile devices through a Wi-Fi module, transforming your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated sky navigation tool with the STAR BOOK Wireless app. This cutting-edge approach not only simplifies the control over your telescope but significantly reduces power consumption by up to 20% compared to traditional LCD controllers, enabling extended sessions of astronomical observation and astrophotography.

Selecting celestial targets is streamlined, with the system automatically aligning the telescope for immediate tracking. The SXD2WL is compatible with the existing STAR BOOK TEN controller and employs precision stepper motors from Vixen's premium AXD mount, setting a new benchmark for mount performance and accuracy.

This mount boasts a robust photographic load capacity of 15 kg, yet maintains a lightweight design at just 9.2 kg, perfect for on-the-go observations. The ingeniously designed motors, located at the mount's base, double as a counterbalance, minimizing the need for additional weights.

Key Features of the SXD2 Mount:

  • Precision Engineering: Features high-performance stepper motors and a micro-step motion control system for superior responsiveness and smooth tracking.
  • Enhanced Bearings: Upgrades to bearings and worm shafts across the RA and DEC axes reduce motor strain, facilitating fluid motion.
  • High-Precision Worm Gears: Advanced manufacturing techniques have virtually eliminated worm gear errors, enabling exceptionally precise tracking.
  • Innovative Counterweight Design: Motor units strategically placed in the lower declination axis optimize the mount's balance, reducing the need for extra counterweights.
  • Adjustable Latitude Setting: Offers a latitude range of 0 to 70 degrees, with fine-tuning capabilities for precise setup.

The SXD2WL also includes a built-in PFL-II polar finder with illumination, featuring a 3-star alignment system and variable brightness settings for optimal alignment accuracy.

Wi-Fi Module Highlights:

  • Seamless Connectivity: The Vixen Wi-Fi adapter simplifies mount control via the STAR BOOK Wireless app, ensuring a responsive experience akin to wired connections.
  • Energy Efficient: Achieves longer operational periods by reducing power consumption.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The app mirrors the functionality of the STAR BOOK TEN controller, offering access to over 259,000 celestial objects with intuitive GoTo functionality.

Technical Specifications:

  • Robust Build: Features 180-tooth RA and DEC sprockets and carbon steel shafts, ensuring durability and precision.
  • Comprehensive Control: Offers extensive settings for gear backlash compensation, night mode, autoguider compatibility, and variable GoTo speed.

Package Contents:

  • SXD2WL EQ Mount
  • Wireless Control Unit
  • Two Counterweights (1.9 kg and 3.7 kg)
  • Mounting Tools and Accessories
  • PFL-II Polar Finder
  • Power Supply Cable

Designed for the discerning observer and astrophotographer, the SXD2WL mount represents a leap forward in telescopic mount technology, combining sophisticated control, precision engineering, and user-friendly operation for an unmatched astronomical experience.

Vixen SXD2WL Equatorial GoTo Mount with Wifi