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William Optics

William Optics Zenithstar 81 Version IV Telescope

William Optics Zenithstar 81 Version IV Telescope


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We are very exciting to announce All New Super ZenithStar 81 Version IV F6.9 imaging APO!! New upgraded 2020 model with 2.5" R&P focuser and Camera Angle Rotator

Innovative Bahtinov Mask Cover (Patented) included! Soft Carry Case Included.

This beautiful scope is everything you always wanted in a refractor, starting from extreme sharpness for clear details, and APO colour correction. 

It has all the benefits of the ZenithStar family at a price that is truly unbelievable.

Available in Gold/Red/Blue

William Optics ZS81 Features:

  • F/6.9 FPL53 Doublet air-spaced APO, in CNC machined ultra-high precision lens cell;
  • F5.52 with x0.8 Flattener.
  • 2.5”R&P Ultra robust focuser with 1:10 dual speed: a treat to use during astrophotography. No image shifting! Heavy duty: perfect for your accessories.

Do-all instrument 

Despite its 81mm objective, the scope is still very compact and solid. Many airlines will accept it as carry-on luggage! Perfect size for serious observations of deep sky objects and planets. Solar observations possible with proper additional equipment.

Standard Package includes:

  • Mounting Rings with Vixen Dovetail
  • CNC Carry Handle Bar
  • 2.5” R&P Focuser
  • Innovative Bahtinov Mask Cover (Patented)
  • Soft Carry Bag
  • 2" to 1.25" Adapter
  • Two-year, no fuss warranty and constant customer service!

Optional Accessories:

• M63 -2” Rotolock
• 1.25” Rotolock
• All New 50mm/F4 Rotolock Guide scope
• New Full frame x0.8 Flattener 

Retracted Length:456mm
Tube with Rings and Dovetail Weight:3.50kg

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