ZWO AM3 Telescope Mount - Portable, High-Precision Mount for Astrophotography


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ZWO AM3 Mount - High-Precision, Portable Telescope Mount (Head Only)

The ZWO AM3 Mount is a revolutionary step in astrophotography equipment. Designed to alleviate the issues associated with traditional equatorial mounts, which often require heavy counterweights and complex balancing, the AM3 mount offers a compact, lightweight solution without sacrificing stability or performance.

Why Choose the ZWO AM3 Mount?

Traditional equatorial mounts can be cumbersome, requiring heavy counterweights to maintain balance in RA and DEC directions. These mounts can be difficult to transport and store, causing significant inconvenience for amateur astrophotographers. The ZWO AM3 Mount addresses these challenges with its lightweight design and superior load capacity, making it an ideal choice for those looking to streamline their astrophotography setup.

Key Features of the ZWO AM3 Mount

  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 3.9kg, the AM3 mount is easy to transport, making it perfect for on-the-go astrophotography.
  • High Load Capacity: The mount supports a load capacity of up to 8kg without a counterweight and up to 13kg with a counterweight, providing versatility for various equipment setups.
  • Advanced Strain Wave Gear: Equipped with a custom strain wave gear system, the AM3 offers high torque and minimal periodic error, ensuring precise and stable performance.
  • Dual-Mode Operation: Easily switch between equatorial and altazimuth modes using the ASI Mount App or hand controller, catering to both photographic and visual astronomy needs.
  • Wide Pitch Angle Adjustment: Adjust the pitch angle from 0° to 90°, allowing for a wide range of observational positions.
  • Wireless Control: Control the mount via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, or use the ergonomic rocker-style hand controller for seamless operation.

Portable and Stable Design

The ZWO AM3 Mount features an optimized internal structure with a strain wave gear reducer and synchronous belt, offering precise control and an impressive reduction ratio of 300:1. This design ensures stability while maintaining portability, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning astrophotography images without worrying about equipment balance.

Custom Strain Wave Gear

Designed specifically for astrophotography, the custom strain wave gear system provides low periodic error and high torque. Each mount undergoes rigorous testing and is equipped with an exclusive PE curve to guarantee quality and reliability right out of the box.

Impressive Load Capacity

The AM3 mount supports a substantial payload, handling up to 8kg without a counterweight and up to 13kg with a counterweight. This flexibility accommodates a wide range of telescopes and accessories, making the AM3 a versatile addition to any astrophotography toolkit.

Equatorial and Altazimuth Modes

The ZWO AM3 Mount offers the flexibility of both equatorial and altazimuth modes. Switch between these modes easily using the ASI Mount App or hand controller, making it suitable for both tracking and photographing celestial objects or casual visual observation.

Wide Angle Adjustment

The mount allows for a full pitch angle adjustment from 0° to 90°, providing the flexibility to achieve the perfect angle for your astrophotography sessions.

Wireless Control for Convenience

Take advantage of wireless control via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling you to manage functions such as "Tonight’s Target" and "GOTO" directly from your smartphone. The rocker-style hand controller is comfortable to use and integrates seamlessly with the ASIAIR for a streamlined astrophotography experience.

Order your ZWO AM3 Mount today and take your astrophotography to new heights with a mount that combines precision, stability, and portability in one sleek package.

ZWO AM3 Telescope Mount - Portable, High-Precision Mount for Astrophotography