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Player One

Player One 2.1mm CS Lens

Player One 2.1mm CS Lens


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Explore the Sky with our 2.1mm CS Lens. The 2.1mm CS Lens is designed for all-sky monitoring with a planetary camera, but it can also be used with guiding cameras. Crafted from durable metal, this lens offers versatility and reliability for your astrophotography needs.

With a focal length of 2.1mm, it provides a wide field of view, making it ideal for all-sky monitoring. It features CS threads, ensuring compatibility with various camera systems. When paired with a 1/3″ format camera, such as the Mars series, it offers a wide field of view of 150 degrees, capturing a comprehensive view of the sky.

In addition to all-sky monitoring, this lens can also be used with guiding cameras for precise tracking and guiding during your astrophotography sessions. Its versatile design expands the possibilities of your imaging setup.

Enhance your astrophotography experience with the 2.1mm CS Lens. Estimate the field of view and explore the vastness of the night sky with confidence.

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