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AD120 Aluminum Tripod Levelling Legs

AD120 Aluminum Tripod Levelling Legs


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AD120 Aluminum Tripod Accessory: Streamlined Stability and Adjustment

The AD120 brings a new level of simplicity and effectiveness to tripod setup and stability, supporting your photography with smart engineering.


  • Aerospace-grade Aluminum (AL6061) paired with Stainless Steel for high durability and strength.

Adjustable Height:

  • Flexible height adjustment from 100mm to 130mm.


  • Lightweight design at just 0.88kg, making it easy to carry and adjust.


  1. Horizontal Adjusters: Revolutionary horizontal adjusters replace the need for cumbersome leveling in traditional telescopic tripods. This innovation makes leveling your equipment faster and far more convenient.
  2. Height Extension: Enhances the height of your tripod, giving you a greater range of elevation for versatile shooting.
  3. Increased Footprint: Expands the tripod's base, significantly improving stability and ensuring that your equipment stays upright and secure.
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