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Player One ALL-SKY 2.5MM KIT


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ALL-SKY 2.5MM KIT - Perfect for All-Sky Monitoring

Capture the Sky with our ALL-SKY 2.5MM KIT

The ALL-SKY 2.5MM KIT is specifically designed for all-sky monitoring. This kit includes a high-quality metal lens with a focal length of 2.5mm, perfectly suited for use with 1/2″ format cameras such as the Neptune-M, Neptune-C, and Neptune-C II. With a wide field of view of 170 degrees, this lens enables comprehensive sky coverage.

High-Quality Metal Lens for Wide Field of View

Crafted from durable metal, this lens ensures optimal performance and reliability for all-sky monitoring applications. It captures a wide expanse of the sky, allowing you to monitor celestial events, meteor showers, and other astronomical phenomena with ease.

Compatible with 1/2″ Format Cameras for All-Sky Monitoring

The ALL-SKY 2.5MM KIT is compatible with 1/2″ format cameras like the Neptune-M, Neptune-C, and Neptune-C II. It enables you to capture a comprehensive view of the sky, providing an immersive monitoring experience.

Adjustable Tripod for Simulating FOV

The kit comes with an adjustable tripod that allows you to simulate the field of view (FOV) and adjust the lens angle to capture the desired area of the sky. Achieve precise positioning and maximize your all-sky monitoring capabilities.

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Simulate FOV

Adjustable tripod:

Player One ALL-SKY 2.5MM KIT